Philosophy of the education and teaching images: traveler or alchemist teacher?

Amarildo Luiz Trevisan Maiane Liana Hatschbach Ourique André Luiz de Oliveira Fagundes Eliana Regina Fritzen Pedroso About the authors

This article seeks to relate the problem of training to the images of teacher fostered in recent studies presented at the Philosophy of Education WG of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in Education (ANPEd), to understand better the teaching models proposed. Among the images that emerge from theses productions, two different configurations of teaching stand out: the "alchemist teacher" and the "traveler teacher". The first one is closely linked to the narratives that ground the education project of modernity, namely, transformation, empowerment, and awareness, among others. The second configuration relates to a teacher image in which educational processes expand in the pedagogical relationship itself. These two perspectives somehow anchor the discussion on teacher education, and therefore encourage the construction of model images of teachers. Their fundamental characteristics delineate different paths to the constitution and practice of teaching.

images; teaching; training; philosophy; education

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