Participation and learning in the education of the indigenous child

Rogério Correia da Silva About the author

This article intends to establish a narrower dialogue between the fields of education and anthropology, regarding the investigation of the learning of the indigenous child. We will proceed, thus, with two approaches: initially, we seek a bigger interlocution with the contribution of ethnological studies about the Amerindian populations, especially those which deal with the social place and children education in indigenous societies. Secondly, we will attempt to incorporate the contributions of studies that analyze the processes of learning of social practices. The synthesis of this dialogue between the two fields will serve as a reference in the analysis of data of the ethnographic research developed about participation and learning of the Xakriabá children in the social practices of the community, specifically, the participation of boys in the household, in the farm work, having the circulation of those boys through the territory as the leading thread of the ethnographic description.

indigenous child; education; learning; participation; anthropology

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