A vida do bebê: making healthy childhoods in Brazilian child care books

Cláudia Amaral dos Santos About the author

This paper aims at investigating how Brazilian paediatrician Rinaldo De Lamare's book A vida do bebê has lead to mother-directed biopolitics to make healthy childhoods. I highlight how the analysed book has played a teaching role, teaching parents how to act upon their children to make subjectivities, identities and knowledge. For this analysis I have used the Cultural Studies in a poststructuralist perspective and Foucault's studies as a theoretical referential. I have used two the 17th (1963) and 41st (2002) editions of the book as the analysing material. Upon the analysis I have found the psychology discourse as a way to subjectify mothers and how the healthy child has been grown in the edition studied.

childhood; child care books; child development

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