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Questionnaire of Information Needs in Language and Alternative Communication - (QNILCA-F) - Family Version


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is an area of science dedicated to developing resources, strategies, processes and techniques, in order to support individuals with some restriction in verbal communication. We should ensure the participation of family members, as well as their needs for information and guidance. The aim of this study was to carry out suitability and expansion of a questionnaire designed to identify topics regarding communication, through the inclusion of items related to AAC. The structure of the survey was maintained from an earlier study, consisting of an introductory part for the respondent identification and of a checklist with questions. The development of new items included the following steps: drafting of items, first version of wording correction, evaluation of items by judges, analysis of judges' evaluation and incorporation of suggestions for adjustments considered pertinent, and ultimate remodeling and formatting. Twenty items were developed, representing frequently asked questions from families of children and of young people who do not communicate through speech, and that initiate or apply for the AAC systems. The procedures defined the format and content of the instrument, enabling it to be submitted for validation and/or remodeling process, by using it in research and interventional practices in alternative communication.

Special Education; Communication Systems; Family Education

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