Construction and validation of forms: systematization of the care of people under hemodialysis

Construcción y validación de impresos: sistematización del cuidado de personas en hemodiálisis

Cristina Arreguy-Sena Tais de Oliveira Marques Luciene Carnevale de Souza Nathália Alvarenga-Martins Paula Krempser Luciene Muniz Braga Pedro Miguel dos Santos Dinis Parreira About the authors



create and validate forms to subsidize the systematization of nursing care with people on hemodialysis.


institutional case study to support the systematization of assistance from the construction of forms for data collection, diagnoses, interventions and nursing results, using cross-mapping, Risner's reasoning, Neuman's theory, taxonomies of diagnoses, interventions and nursing results with application in clinical practice and validation by focal group with specialist nurses.


18 people on hemodialysis and 7 nurses participated. Consensus content of form matter with specialist nurses in the area (Crombach 0.86). The papers captured 43 diagnoses, 26 interventions and 78 nursing results depicting human responses in their singularities.

Final considerations:

the validated forms fill a gap by enabling the capture of human responses from people on hemodialysis and by subsidizing the planning of nursing care on a scientific basis.

Nursing Cares; Kidney Dialysis; Nursing Processes; Nursing Theory; Nursing

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