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For more than three decades, the Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte (RBCE) (Brazilian Journal of Sport Sciences), published by the CBCE – Colégio Brasileiro de Ciências do Esporte (Brazilian College of Sport Sciences), has been contributing with the task of promoting, but also of intervening, in the production of knowledge in Physical Education/Sport Sciences. Throughout its publication history, the RBCE has been recording the history of Physical Education in Brazil, seen from different perspectives and concepts, from different approaches, themes, objects and problematics.

Since the RBCE was launched in September 1979, and in the ten following years, the journal privileged the publication of original articles, chronicles, news, congress annals, courses, reports on experiences, interviews, letters from readers, reviews of books, abstracts of theses and dissertations, while also focusing on themes such as human motricity, sports management, adapted physical education and works that refer to the ten years of the CBCE. Volume 12, which united numbers 1, 2 and 3 and was published in 1992, was the journal's first thematic edition, focusing on leisure. In the 1990s, the thematic editions were maintained and the themes were determined from demands by members, State Secretaries and also considering events organized by the CBCE. Teaching of Physical Education, motor learning, curriculum, gender issues, teaching methodology, evaluation, sports, communication and media, leisure and environment, conferences and texts presented at the Congresso Brasileiro de Ciências do Esporte (Brazilian Congress of Sports Sciences) guided the decade's thematic editions.

Vol. 30, no. 1 (Sept/2008) of the RBCE marks a suspension of the thematic orientation that had been governing the journal's editorial dynamics, an important shift in the induced demand for works in Physical Education/Sports Sciences. This change favors the movement in the area, which has become stronger through the creation of new graduate studies programs and growth in the promotion of scientific knowledge through publication of articles with distinct focuses and stemming from studies in different lines of research. Starting in September 2008, on its twenty-ninth anniversary, and while celebrating the CBCE's thirtieth anniversary, the RBCE gains its digital version. It favors an expansion of the dissemination, of the transfer of scientific information and an exchange with national and international entities, students and professionals tied to Physical Education/Sports Sciences and other interested parties.

The RBCE's geographical scope includes the entire country as well as other countries of Latin America and Europe. CBCE members are spread about the most diverse regions of the country and in countless teaching and research institutions, as well as members who are in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, United States, Canada , France, Portugal, Germany and Spain. This indicator demonstrates the high position the country and the RBCE occupy in the international scenario, which has been establishing itself within the ambit of Sports Sciences/Physical Education.

Among the characteristics of the target public, an evident predomination of well-established researchers (senior PhDs) or those in the process of establishing themselves (young PhDs, PhD candidates, Masters candidates and graduate studies students who are beginning in research) stands out. We thus reach undergraduate students, strictu sensu and latu sensu graduate students in Physical Education and similar areas, national and international researchers, national and international libraries, national and international journals interested in the exchange of knowledge.

RBCE is a continuous publication and open access journal; all articles can be accessed and downloaded by anyone, free of any fees or charges.



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