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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
versión impresa ISSN 0001-3765


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An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.82 no.1 Rio de Janeiro mar. 2010

 Editorial Note
 ·  Swelling and shrinking of porous materials: from colloid science to poromechanics
Murad, Marcio A.

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 Physical Sciences
 ·  Explicit and implicit modeling of nanobubbles in hydrophobic confinement
Dzubiella, Joachim

 ·  Estimating vertical and lateral pressures in periodically structured montmorillonite clay particles
Narsilio, Guillermo A.; Smith, David W.; Pivonka, Peter

 ·  Creep of a C-S-H gel: a micromechanical approach
Sanahuja, Julien; Dormieux, Luc

 ·  Towards the design of new and improved drilling fluid additives using molecular dynamics simulations
Anderson, Richard L.; Greenwel, H. Christopher; Suter, James L.; Jarvis, Rebecca M.; Coveney, Peter V.

 Chemical Sciences
 ·  Bridging molecular and continuous descriptions: the case of dynamics in clays
Dufrêche, Jean-François; Rotenberg, Benjamin; Marry, Virginie; Turq, Pierre

 ·  Steady electrodiffusion in hydrogel-colloid composites: macroscale properties from microscale electrokinetics
Hill, Reghan J.

 ·  Dimeric and dipolar ground state orders in colloidal molecular crystals
Trizac, Emmanuel; El Shawish, Samir; Dobnikar, Jure

 ·  Attraction between two similar particles in an electrolyte: effects of Stern layer absorption
Plouraboué, Franck; Chang, Hua-Chia

 Biological Sciences
 ·  Ion-specific thermodynamical properties of aqueous proteins
Lima, Eduardo R.A.; Biscaia Jr., Evaristo C.; Boström, Mathias; Tavares, Frederico W.

 Biomedical and Medical Sciences
 ·  Multiphysical modelling of fluid transport through osteo-articular media
Lemaire, Thibault; Naili, Salah; Sansalone, Vittorio

 ·  Biaxial testing of canine annulus fibrosus tissue under changing salt concentrations
Huyghe, Jacques M.

 Earth Sciences
 ·  Effect of thermo-coupled processes on the behaviour of a clay barrier submitted to heating and hydration
Sánchez, Marcelo; Gens, Antonio; Olivella, Sebastia

 ·  A model for coupled electro-hydro-mechanical processes in fine grained soils accounting for gas generation and transport
Tamagnini, Claudio; Jommi, Cristina; Cattaneo, Fabio

 Engineering Sciences
 ·  Incorporating electrokinetic effects in the porochemoelastic inclined wellbore formulation and solution
Nguyen, Vinh X.; Abousleiman, Youname N.

 ·  Electro-osmosis in kaolinite with pH-dependent surface charge modelling by homogenization
Lima, Sidarta A.; Murad, Marcio A.; Moyne, Christian; Stemmelen, Didier

 ·  Interpretation of the stiffness and permeability of Sand-Kaolin mixtures in the framework of homogenization
Boutin, Claude; Kacprzak, Gregory; Doanh, Thiep