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Brazilian Journal of Physics
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Special Issue
Workshop on magnetic fluids

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.31 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2001

Workshop on magnetic fluids

Structure of particle assembly in water-based magnetite magnetic fluid under zero applied field
Jeyadevan, B.; Nakatani, I.; Oka, H.; Tohji, K.

Overview of the phase diagram of ionic magnetic colloidal dispersions
Cousin, F.; Dubois, E.; Cabuil, V.; Boué, F.; Perzynski, R.

Diffusion limited field induced aggregation of magnetic liposomes
Licinio, Pedro; Frézard, Frédéric

Shapes and textures of ferromagnetic liquid droplets
Banerjee, Shubho; Widom, M.

Viscoelastic ferrogel: dynamic magnetic susceptibilities
Raikher, Yu. L.; Rusakov, V. V.

Rotational dynamics of the magnetic moments in ferrofluids
Scherer, Claudio; Ricci, Trieste F.

Static magneto optical birefringence of new Electric Double Layered Magnetic Fluids
Depeyrot, J.; Silva, G. J. da; Alves, C. R.; Sousa, E. C.; Magalhães, M.; Figueiredo Neto, A. M.; Sousa, M. H.; Tourinho, F. A.

Determination of particle size distribution by FMR measurements
Folly, Walter S. D.; Biasi, Ronaldo S. de

Raman spectroscopy as a powerful technique in the characterization of ferrofluids
Rubim, Joel C.; Sousa, Marcelo H.; Silva, Jean C. O.; Tourinho, Francisco A.

Mössbauer spectroscopy, superparamagnetism and ferrofluids
Pfannes, H.-D.; Dias Filho, J. H.; Magalhães-Paniago, R.; López, J. L.; Paniago, R.

The effect of the ferrofluid magnetic particle concentration on the thermal diffusivity
Shibli, S.M.; Dantas, A.L.L.; Bee, A.

Interfacial instabilities in confined ferrofluids
Miranda, José A.

Ferrofluid hydrodynamics: waves, jets and free drops
Potts, H. E.; Diver, D. A.

Dynamics of the labyrinthine patterns at the diffuse phase boundaries
Cebers, A.

Surface waves and wave resistance in magnetic fluids
Browaeys, J.; Perzynski, R.; Bacri, J.-C.; Shliomis, M. I.

 Regular Articles
 ·  Scalar field cosmology in three-dimensions
Oliveira-Neto, G.

 ·  New method for obtaining complex roots in the semiclassical coherent-state propagator formula
Xavier Jr., Ademir Luix

 ·  The age problem and growing of structures for open system cosmology
Campos, M. de; Tomimura, N.A.

 ·  Normal modes propagation in a helical free-electron laser with an axial guide field
El-Bahi, Riadh; Rhimi, Mohamed Nazih; Cheikhrouhou, Abdel Wahab

 ·  On the biphoton wavelength
Ribeiro, P. H. Souto

 ·  Molecular dynamics simulation of morphological instabilities in solid-fluid interfaces
Costa, B.V.; Coura, P.Z.; Mesquita, O.N.

 ·  Construction of exact solutions for the Stern-Gerlach effect
Díaz Bulnes, J.; Oliveira, I.S.

 ·  Vacuum ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy diagnostics on the NOVA-UNICAMP tokamak
Daltrini, A.M.; Machida, M.; Monteiro, M.J.R.

 ·  Comparison of two multipass configurations for scattered light amplification
Monteiro, M.J.R.; Machida, M.; Daltrini, A.M.; Berni, L.A.

 ·  Circular cosmic string loop in Brans-Dicke theory
Barros, A.; Sen, A. A.; Romero, C.

 ·  The temperature dependence of critical current in YBa2Cu3O7-d thin films deposited on MgO by an eclipse PLD
Ohmukai, Masato; Fujita, Takehiro; Ohno, Takayuki

 ·  Dissociation of fast ions analyzed by time-of-flight
Ponciano, C.R.; Ladeia, R.C.C.; Collado, V.M.; Silveira, E.F. da

 ·  How reliable is the mean-field nuclear matter description for supporting chiral effective Lagrangians?
Delfino, A.; Malheiro, M.; Frederico, T.