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Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem
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Table of contents
Texto contexto - enferm. vol.14 no.1 Florianópolis Jan./Mar. 2005

 Original Article - Research
 ·  Understanding rights and weakness for a new approach on ethics in nursing
Bellato, Roseney; Pereira, Wilza Rocha

 ·  A study of ethics in research as published by a graduate nursing program
Cruz, Enêde Andrade da; Alves, Maria Dalva Santos; Fraga, Maria de Nazaré de Oliveira; Damasceno, Marta Maria Coelho

 ·  Bad news in health: a look at representations of health professionals and citizens
Pereira, Maria Aurora Gonçalves

 ·  Nursing in front of hospitalized patients rights
Chaves, Patrícia Lemos; Costa, Veridiana Tavares; Lunardi, Valéria Lerch

 ·  Ethical evaluations of nursery research projects on the context of infectious illnesses
Galvão, Marli Teresinha Gimeniz; Pereira, Maria Lúcia Duarte; Barroso, Maria Graziela Teixeira

 ·  Moral rationalle models and the investigation of ethics, using the internet: the "virtual conscience network", an investigative project inspired by coherentism
Sánchez González, Miguel Angel

 ·  The ethical dimension of work
Maidana, Susana

 ·  Ethics and health professional practice
Bub, Maria Bettina Camargo

 ·  Subsidies for an ethics of responsibility in nursing
Souza, Maria de Lourdes de; Sartor, Vicente Volnei de Bona; Prado, Marta Lenise do

 ·  Reflections about health promotion on a bioethics
Verdi, Marta; Caponi, Sandra

 ·  The ethics and the esthetics in nursing care relationships
Teixeira, Enéas Rangel

 ·  The researcher's responsability, or about what we say over ethics on research
Padilha, Maria Itayra Coelho de Souza; Ramos, Flávia Regina Souza; Borenstein, Miriam Susskind; Martins, Cleusa Rios

 ·  The ethics and the bioethics: an initial reflection
Koerich, Magda Santos; Machado, Rosani Ramos; Costa, Eliani

 ·  The care of oneself as an ethical principle of nursing's work
Wendhausen, Águeda Lenita Pereira; Rivera, Soledad

 ·  Art in nursing: initiating a reflexive dialogue
Silva, Luzia Wilma Santana da; Nazário, Nazaré Otília; Silva, Danuzia Santana da; Martins, Cleusa Rios

 Experiment Summary
 ·  Ethical questions in the research of nursing subsidized for audiovisual method
Berardinelli, Lina Márcia M.; Santos, Mauro Leonardo S. Caldeira dos

 ·  Healthy living on Aids times: the complexity and interdisciplinarity in the context of HIV infection prevention
Meirelles, BHS