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Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial
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J. Bras. Patol. Med. Lab. vol.46 no.5 Rio de Janeiro Oct. 2010

Our journal cover - Edgar Degas: fascination with movement

 ·  Controle de qualidade no laboratório de análises clínicas
Chaves, Carla D.

 Original Paper
 ·  Quality control in clinical laboratory: aligning process improvement, reliability and patient safety
Berlitz, Fernando de Almeida

 Case Report
 ·  Serratia marcescens KPC sepsis
Del Peloso, Pedro Fernandez; Barros, Matheus Felipe Leal de; Santos, Fernanda Abreu dos

 Original Paper
 ·  Seroepidemiology of HTLV-I/II infection among population assisted by Family Health Program in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil
Sodré, Helen Regina Silva; Matos, Sócrates Bezerra de; Jesus, André Luis Santos Roque de; Lima, Fernanda Washington de Mendonça

 Review Article
 ·  Collection, transport and storage of samples for molecular diagnosis
Melo, Murilo Rezende; Martins, Alvaro Rodrigues; Barbosa, Ismar Venâncio; Romano, Patricia; Shcolnik, Wilson

 Original Paper
 ·  Does soy increase blood counts in myelodysplastic syndromes?
Viana, T. A. O. F.; Claricia, E.; Pinheiro, R. F.; Panizzi, M. C. C.; Sandes, A. F.; Carvalho, V. M.; Sesso, R. C. C.; Yamamoto, M.; Atallah, A. N.; Chauffaille, M. L. L. F.

 ·  Evaluation of external quality assessment in clinical laboratories from Rio de Janeiro in the years 2006-2008
Chaves, Josefa Sieira Caamaño; Marin, Victor Augustus

 ·  Primary sclerosing cholangitis in children and adolescents: a clinicopathologic study with a proposal of criteria for early diagnosis
Riedlinger, Wolfram F. J.; Jonas, Maureen M.; Pall, Harpreet

 ·  Antiobesity effects of green tea (Camelia sinensis) in high caloric diet-induced obese rats
Vera-Cruz, Marta; Nunes, Elaine; Mendonça, Lívia; Chaves, Érika; Fernandes, Maria Luiza de Lima Aguilar

 ·  Investigation of the LMP1 EBV and co-infection by HPV in genital lesions of patients infected or not by HIV
Rodrigues, Fabiana Resende; Miranda, Nilcimar Lourenço; Fonseca, Eliene Carvalho da; Pires, Andréa Rodrigues Cordovil; Dias, Eliane Pedra