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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.18 no.2 Ribeirão Preto Mar./Apr. 2010

 ·  The search for excellence in Brazilian Nursing knowledge dissemination
Zanetti, Maria Lúcia

 Original Article
 ·  Relation Between Quality of Life of Mothers of Children With Cerebral Palsy and the Children's Motor Functioning, After Ten Months of Rehabilitation
Prudente, Cejane Oliveira Martins; Barbosa, Maria Alves; Porto, Celmo Celeno

 ·  The Relationship Between Religion, Illness and Death in Life Histories of Family Members of Children With Life-Threatening Diseases
Bousso, Regina Szylit; Serafim, Taís de Souza; Misko, Maira Deguer

 ·  Subjectivity and Sexuality Production in Women Living With HIV/Aids: a Sociopoetic Production
Almeida, Arisa Nara Saldanha de; Silveira, Lia Carneiro; Silva, Maria Rocineide Ferreira da; Araújo, Michell Ângelo Marques; Guimarães, Terezinha Andrade

 ·  Prevalence of Pattern of Risky Behaviors for Reproductive and Sexual Health Among Middle- and High-School Students
Campo-Arias, Adalberto; Ceballo, Guillermo Augusto; Herazo, Edwin

 ·  Restructuring the Nursing Staff and its Influence on Care Hours
Cucolo, Danielle Fabiana; Perroca, Márcia Galan

 ·  The Roles and Functions of Occupational Health Nurses in Brazil and in the United States
Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci; Hong, Oi Saeng; Morris, Judy A.; Rocha, Fernanda Ludmilla Rossi

 ·  Nurses’ Knowledge about the Insertion Procedure for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters in Newborns
Lourenço, Solange Antonia; Ohara, Conceição Vieira da Silva

 ·  Adverse Events Related to the Use of Central Venous Catheters in Hospitalized Newborns
Franceschi, Alessandra Tomazi; Cunha, Maria Luzia Chollopetz da

 ·  Sensibility in the Relations and Interactions of Teaching and Learning to Be and Do Nursing
Terra, Marlene Gomes; Gonçalves, Lucia Hisako Takase; Santos, Evanguelia Kotzias Atherino dos; Erdmann, Alacoque Lorenzini

 ·  Autonomy in Nursing Students’ Process of Knowledge Construction: the Educational Chat as a Teaching Tool
Silva, Ana Paula Scheffer Schell da; Pedro, Eva Néri Rubim

 ·  Comparing Levels of Anxiety During Bed and Shower Baths in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Lopes, Juliana de Lima; Nogueira-Martins, Luiz Antonio; Gonçalves, Maria Aparecida Batistão; Barros, Alba Lucia Bottura Leite de

 ·  Patient Destination after Discharge from Intensive Care Units: Wards or Intermediate Care Units?
Silva, Maria Claudia Moreira da; Sousa, Regina Marcia Cardoso de; Padilha, Katia Grillo

 ·  Nosocomial Infection in an Intensive Care Unit in a Brazilian University Hospital
Oliveira, Adriana Cristina de; Kovner, Christine Tassone; Silva, Rafael Souza da

 ·  Conceptions and Feelings of Nurses Working in Emergency Medical Services about their Professional Practice and Training
Romanzini, Evânio Márcio; Bock, Lisnéia Fabiani

 ·  Food Consumption and Iron Intake of Pregnant and Reproductive Aged Women
Sato, Ana Paula Sayuri; Fujimori, Elizabeth; Szarfarc, Sophia Cornbluth; Borges, Ana Luiza Vilela; Tsunechiro, Maria Alice

 ·  Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Adolescents
Ferreira, Maria Margarida da Silva Reis dos Santos; Torgal, Maria Constança Leite de Freitas Paúl Reis

 ·  Kangaroo Mother Method: Mothers' Experiences and Contributions to Nursing
Arivabene, João Carlos; Tyrrell, Maria Antonieta Rubio

 ·  Perception of Family Functioning Among Relatives of Women Who Survived Breast Cancer: Gender Differences
Biffi, Raquel Gabrielli; Mamede, Marli Vilela

 ·  Hydrogen-Ion Potential of Antibiotics According to the Environment Factors Temperature and Luminosity
Crepaldi, Renata Maria Coelho; Monteiro, Cíntia; Peterlini, Maria Angélica Sorgini; Pedreira, Mavilde da Luz Gonçalves

 Review Articles
 ·  Surgical Positioning: Evidence for Nursing Care
Lopes, Camila Mendonça de Moraes; Galvão, Cristina Maria